Tyler Morant - Vice President




Prior to joining Jenny’s team, Tyler was an attorney to some of the leading startups in Los Angeles’s Silicon Beach, where he was responsible for negotiating multi-million dollar venture capital financings, mergers and acquisitions, and other commercial agreements.

Tyler uses his expertise and past experience negotiating high stakes venture financings to ensure his clients enter into winning deals that both address and limit risks that exist in every transaction. His emphasis on risk does not cloud his vision for what truly is at stake, getting the deal done quickly and efficiently, so his deal philosophy is to work collaboratively with his clients to first identify their priorities and come up with workable solutions to avoid deal friction.

Tyler’s path to real estate is not a straight one but has had a few exciting turns that has helped him develop extraordinary negotiation and marketing skills. At the age of 16, Tyler began a career as competitive professional skier, which he turned into a career as a coach and sports agent to some of the top athletes in action sports, some of whom landed on podiums of the Xgames and the Olympics. His experience in action sports is what led Tyler into the legal profession and into the world of startups and venture capital.

Tyler enjoys surfing and skiing. When Tyler is not surfing between 30th and 34th Street in Manhattan Beach or skiing California’s San Bernardino and Sierra Nevada mountains, you can find Tyler sharing his love for these sports with his two darling little girls or advising local startups.